Our aromatherapy massages use the power of essential oils to address in-balances within the body and mind.

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A holistic therapy incorporating the mind, body and spirit of the client. An aromatherapy massage uses the power of essential oils to address in-balances within the body and mind. The essential oils are specifically blended to your requirements. These natural oils, when used with specific massage techniques, deliver complete relaxation of the body and mind.

Hot stone

Hot stone massage is a unique warming therapeutic massage with smooth heated stones to deeply relax the tissues and help warm up tight muscles to facilitate a deeper massage. The stones used are composed of Basalt . The Basalt has a high Iron content which helps the stones to retain heat during the massage. The benefits of having a hot stone massage include a more enhanced pain relief due to the intense nature of the massage and the warmth of the stones. The circulation is improved. Both mental and physical stress and tensions are eased.


Refloxology is a complimentary health therapy based on the theory that specific points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. This highly relaxing treatment helps the body restore its balance naturally. There is a greater sense of well being and relaxation . The stresses and strains of daily life are eased, especially where treatment is taken on a regular basis. Should you wish we at Future Hair & Beauty are happy to advise you further on the above treatment.